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Music Director/Organist



Church Secretary

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Church Sexton



The session shall consist of 9 active ruling elders and the pastor or moderator.  The ruling elders shall be divided into 3 classes, each serving a three-year term following installation on a Sunday in January, and ending on Installation Sunday three years later.  Ruling elders may serve 2 consecutive terms; only after a year has elapsed are they eligible to serve again. We hold to the custom that no two Ruling Elders in active service are to be from the same immediate family.


Session members, their classes, and the committees they serve on, are listed below

Class of 2022

Lee Livick Combs  (Administration, Cemetery)

Dawn Miller (Mission, Worship)

Evelyn Shirkey(Clerk of Session,Stewardship and Finance)

Class of 2023

Rob Woods  (Worship, Nominations)

Denny Throckmorton (Building and Grounds)

Tim Wade

Class of 2024

Clark Brown (Administration, Stewardship and Finance)

Nora Howell (Fellowship)

Bennie Marshall

Lois Skeen (Mission, Nominations)

Class of 2025

Lee Livick Combs

Patrick O'Shea

Michelle Randolph 


Session committees and their responsibilities

WORSHIP AND MUSIC Committee provides for the worship of the congregation through the preparation of the sanctuary.

STEWARDSHIP AND FINANCE Committee manages and protects the financial assets of Augusta Stone, provide oversight and supervision of the Church Treasurer, promotes stewardship in the congregation, and provides guidance for the utilization of gifts and bequests.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE is responsible for assembling a slate of candidates each year of active members to be elected by the congregation to serve as Ruling Elders and Trustees of the church.

FELLOWSHIP Committee promotes activities that foster fellowship, hospitality and friendship within the congregation.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Committee encourages learners of all ages to build an active, meaningful relationship with God through Bible study, fellowship and communication.

CEMETERY Committee is responsible for maintaining all three cemeteries, keeping records, and buying and selling cemetery plots.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS Committee provides oversight for the preservation, care, and maintenance of all the church buildings and grounds.

ADMINISTRATION Committee is responsible for personnel oversight, committee assignments and functions, policy development, and general administrative matters.

COMMUNICATIONS Committee supplies the congregation with information concerning important church matters including emailing of death notices. The committee also sends cards of sympathy to those who have recently lost a loved one.


Trustees of Augusta Stone Church

Randy Covington

Dennis Randolph

Tim Wade

Church Co-Treasurers

Faye Bottenfield, Shirley Cobb

Clerk of Session

Evelyn Shirkey